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  • These files are here for your listening enjoyment all are from out of print non-reissued spoken word and audio gems from my own vinyl collection. If for any reason any of the files posted are infringing or creating a problem please let me know and i will remove them forth with or somethin' like that most importantly this site is about enjoying music and all are encouraged to LISTEN TO & BUY MUSIC SUPPORT ARTISTS AND DO NOT HOT LINK TO MY FILES IT IS NOT COOL. Thanks and have FUN Oh Yea One more thing I've switched to "approve comments" mode for the time being as these bad vibes all round type places like to spam some of my posts so it might be a day or two until your comments appear Thanks for Understanding
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Drew Miller

Just a comment on this one single post to thank you for all the great stuff on the page. Among many cultural points of affection we seem to share, I too spent a lot of time (not a lot of $) buying Indian cassettes in the 1990s.

I contributed a couple of the more bizarre ones to the 365 days project:

# 093 abba in hindi and # 099 disco musical stories.

Keep up the good work! Looking forward to hearing the biker mix. Hail Eris!


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