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  • These files are here for your listening enjoyment all are from out of print non-reissued spoken word and audio gems from my own vinyl collection. If for any reason any of the files posted are infringing or creating a problem please let me know and i will remove them forth with or somethin' like that most importantly this site is about enjoying music and all are encouraged to LISTEN TO & BUY MUSIC SUPPORT ARTISTS AND DO NOT HOT LINK TO MY FILES IT IS NOT COOL. Thanks and have FUN Oh Yea One more thing I've switched to "approve comments" mode for the time being as these bad vibes all round type places like to spam some of my posts so it might be a day or two until your comments appear Thanks for Understanding
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Thank you for sharing this rare LP. It is really exciting to listen to this old Radiobroadcast and furthermore it gives a great picture of what Huxley wanted to say with the book.

Aldous Huxley

A joy. He's been a hero of mine for a long time but I've never seen footage of him before. Such phenomenal clarity of mind. Many, many thanks.


Excellent site, added to favorites!!


Hello, Admin! You are the best!!! Congratulations. Best regards from regular visitor of your site. ;)


Very cool!


Hi! Your site appeared very useful to me. Excellent work, thanks.


Absolutely brilliant. Thank you!


Hi!I'm from Argentina I really enjoy reading this book!

The best book I ever read!


I am a teacher teaching Brave New World, and will use this in class. thank you for sharing. Since this is out of print, any chance of putting side 2 on the site?


thanks - really appreciate it! :)

monica the librarian

wow this is amazing - thank you so much for sharing!!!

Glossolalia Black

Thanks for the freebie. I love this kind of media. You're doing a good service.


Thank so much you for this!

Oliver Charles

Side 2 is at it seems


Here is the link to side 2, for anyone not able to navigate to it:

Narfoo Nozz Nozz

Music to code sci-fi comics blog by...


Fab stuff. Always been a big fan of Huxley, and this gives a really personal touch to his work!

On an FYI note, a bunch of the comments for this article are linkspam for .info domains, which you might want to look at deleting. See the comments from "dorota", "isabelle", "prazedes" and "louise".


I admire Huxley's work and didn't know this existed (with music by Bernard Herrman !). I'm very eager to listen to it. Thank you.


Hi! very good lp. But unfortunately I can't enter the link to side 2.It appears as non existent.Is it possible to find it at another site?

Supra Skate

Are you doing anything tonight/this weekend/tomorrow?f you are not busy tonight, would you like to go out with me?


thank you very much for sharing this for all to enjoy, and for the benifit of others, thanks again from New Zealand.


This is part 2

Ernst Juenger

What a treat! This is such an important book!

Huxley was greatly admired by Ernst Jünger, who agreed with the veracity of his dystopic perspective far more than with that of Orwell's.

Thanks again!



Link to side 2:

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