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Buzz Dixon

UFO was the last Gerry & Sylvia Anderson co-production; they were in the process of divorcing at the time and almost all the episodes had to deal with betrayal or marital breakups to one degree or another. Fortunately, there was plenty of slam-bang Derek Meddings sci-fi minature action going on, so the soap opera aspect of the show gave it an extraordinary emotional depth for a syndicated sci-fi series (as compared to SPACE: 1999 of just a few years later). The show was clever and not at all optimistic about Earth's chances against the invaders. One episode was particularly imaginative (not to mention cheap!): The invaders manipulated the mind of the hero to make him think he wasn't really the commander of a worldwide struggle against alien invaders but an =actor= playing the role of a comander, etc., and had him walk around behind the sets and interact with the other characters as the =actual actors playing those roles!= Ka-RAY-zee, man!


In MI, we used to see it occasionally on CBC, from Canada, which also showed 1999 in its prime.

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