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If it's the one you're talking about, that Crumb illustrated story about P.K. Dick and his spiritual enlightenment and breakdown is one of his best -

The main (first) drawing, with the Crumb-y beams coming out of Dick's third eye is killer. I've got an actual creased copy of that 'Weirdo', it was rescued last year after being in a mildew-ridden London basement for 6 years...all my 'American Splendors' were down there, too (how ironic, me being American and all).

MY ADVICE: if you ever have to leave a country fast, make sure you hang on to all of your old comics. Civilizations may crumb-le (pun intended), but comics are forever.

My favorite Crumb piece is his thing on blues dude Charley Patton...Crumb always seems to shine when he does illustrated music histories.

Crumb did a strange little drawing for the LA Times editorial section last month...not sure if it was syndicated (??) - he must-a been promo-ing that new handbook of his.

I've never read any PK Dick...I'm not into fiction or even science fiction - I think I made it part way into his "Man in the High Tower" - I'm still trying to get through Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land" - old "Lost in Space" episodes are about my speed...the last DVD set has the famous "vegetable" episode and the "hippy children" episode,

Good thing the spacy ONE MAN SAFARI has morphed into another form...


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