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This one is interesting too: Pierre Schaeffer & Pierre Henry: Pioneers in Sampling ( And thanks for posting this. :)


Great. Thanks. I feel insprired to post a track over at my place from his Messe pour le temps present, that has been re-issued on CD and is one hundred percent fabulous.


man, i love those limelight album covers.


Great post, Dude - thanks!
Nothing like 'ancient' electronic music from the 60s (this was recorded in 1963).

When are you going to repost
'Silly Surfers?"


Fabulous! I love classic electronic music and this is a wonderful example. As you can tell by the amount of comments this is getting perhaps more electronic is in order!

Loopy C

To paraphrase the late, great Frank Zappa, 'these are more than just some groovy sound fx'.

Man, this one really hits close to home, a lot of my own 'experiments' in soundscapes were inspired by Mr Henry. I have eleven releases of his 'solo' works (without Schaeffer) and the 'Brother' still managed to post one I didn't have! Awesome 'share' my man ;-)

btw Mr. Record Brother, 'buried' somewhere on my 'Singularities' page is a piece with strong similarities to this, it quite surprised me as I have never heard this particular work of Henry's, I guess I am behind my own time!

Loopy C

One more thing. Your post 'The Glory Stompers' became the center of a 'Mind Map' I made of my musical memories/exposures/influences. Now this Henry post touches upon my current interests with a direct hit! How'd you do that? ;-)

The Collector

Great Album, really great
Fantastic post, I love the early electronic music.

Thaks so much.

If you has something more like that, please upload that incredibly sounds.

Again, Thanks so much


Ah, one of my favorites. I have been wanting to play this for a friend of mine forever and have not gotten around to ripping it to MP3's. I thank you my friend.


Merci beaucoup cher Monsieur
this is one of the best work ever of Pierre Henry.

Try Messe pour un temps present whith Michel Colombier for the Pop part of this masterpieceand Maurice Bejart for the dancin'light part.
Those are great poeple and creators of "the new music eara who still influence till Daft punk (for french greatest butt movers) and detroit new soul swing(thank you Jeff Millssss) MOD - ERNS still rulling POW!


Other than the Pierre Henry - "Messe Pour Le Temps Présent" Here are some other stellar Moogie Sounds...

Jean-Jacques Perrey - "Moog Indigo"
The Zeet Band - "Moogie Woogie"
Milton Delugg - "Gulliver's Travels Beyond the Moon"
Dick Hyman - "The Electric Eclectics of Dick Hyman" "The Age of Electronicus" and of course "Moon Gas"
John Murtaugh - "Blues Current" - (Features Bernard Purdie and Herbie Hancock)
Jeff Wayne Space Shuttle - "Star Trek/Planet of the Apes"

BTW my Pierre Henry is called "Mass For Today" and is on Limelight with the most amazing Silver and Black cover.


hey here is a mix that
I just made using the first track of this album.
thanks for the download

ween - stacey
arbol - son todas putas
ween - belvedine
cosmic cretins - reggae junkie jew
duncan browne - in a mist
ewan macoll - van dieman's land
mae west - a guy what takes his time
pierre henry - breath
rhythm and sound - mash down version
simon finn - jerusalem
stereolab - soup groove #1
television personalities - seasons in the sun
ween - boys club
ween - tuffy mufffy
the drum club - u make me feel so good
vashti bunyan - against the sky


i just found this record today. hopefully that willie d will be next.


Nice blog, & great post!
Thanks, mate!


Hi. Im so excited. Recent discover Pierre Henry and i love smoke with the music. It´s a phenomena. Thanks for share!


Thank you so much. First fell in love with this Summer of 68 I think. So timeless . . .

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