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Skaterdater was the first soundtrack written by Mike Curb (of The Congration fame). He went on to score such classics as The Glory Stompers and Mondo Hollywood. As head of MGM Records, he initiated a purge of all acts he felt were drug-related. He went on to become the Republican Lt-Governor of California. Quite a turnaround.


Hi Recordbrother,
thanks for your discoveries.
I found this: The Soundtrack is on Mira Records, LP-3004 by 'Davie Allan & the Arrows'


Thanks for the stuff!

Windansea Beach Boy

I remember this film from when I was a little kid. We copped some of the tricks from it, before the Dogtown Boys upended skateboarding style forever. It's mostly just a group of young guys doing tricks, then one of them catches the eye of a young girl and a love interests develops. Faced with the dilemma, he has to choose between the girl or his buddies.

He makes a big mistake.

I'd love to see this again, I remember it was pretty innocent and funny, at times.


short clip from (same?) film:


this is outstanding. thanks for taking the time to dub the record, chop it into mp3s, photograph the cover, and post it on the internet for free download.



Awesome. A friend of mine has the sound track as well but we have never seen the movie.


thanks a lot for this nicE post... my fav0rite is the traCk 'TOGETHER II"...

i think this song won't be out of place in a cowboy western movie, the scene where the cowboy surveys the dreamy but vanishing landscape of America. very nostaLgic and beautifuL. i find myself listening to this song in your blogsp0t every so often.

i'm curious to see this movie, too.


Hi, thanks a lot for this pearl of an album! Much appreciated. Keep up the good stuff!

Dr. Derty

This is 50's surfer music. Just a tip for anyone who was expecting something a little bit more funky...


Finnish spy/surf instro band Laika and the Cosmonauts covered "Skater Dater" -- presumably for the movie "Iron Horse Men" -- with a hilarious movie-trailerish voice intro ("reckless youth! fast hogs! HELL is their only address!") -- it's on "The Amazing Colossal Band" CD (Upstart/Rounder, 1995). Thanks SO much for giving us the original soundtrack.


I just saw Skater Dater yesterday in cinema, kinda as a Double Feature with "Endless Summer".
Thanks for providing this Stuff for free, thanks a lot!
Benni from Munich

Michele Wood

I saw the movie, and was in the studio when this was recorded. After 40 plus years, its still awesome

Des Meade

Great seeing this film again since, I think the late 6o's. California looked so great and as teenagers we just wanted to be there. What an innocent time.

Craig Figley

Wow, the last time I heard this music/saw this film was at a drive-in in Portland, Oregon, back in 1966. I loved it then, I love it now. THANKS for bringing this gem back to us.


Thanks so much for sharing this, dude!

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