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  • These files are here for your listening enjoyment all are from out of print non-reissued spoken word and audio gems from my own vinyl collection. If for any reason any of the files posted are infringing or creating a problem please let me know and i will remove them forth with or somethin' like that most importantly this site is about enjoying music and all are encouraged to LISTEN TO & BUY MUSIC SUPPORT ARTISTS AND DO NOT HOT LINK TO MY FILES IT IS NOT COOL. Thanks and have FUN Oh Yea One more thing I've switched to "approve comments" mode for the time being as these bad vibes all round type places like to spam some of my posts so it might be a day or two until your comments appear Thanks for Understanding
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Thanks for the triple play of funk. Good down to the last track!

dennis Hermanson


You are a treasure trove of the good stuff, man.
And this huge comp of the Blackmoviemagic is
great addition to anyones Black History Month listening. Of course, we all listen to black history music all year long. But don't forget the masters, Louis Armstrong, Duke, Bessie Smith, Mahalia Jackson, Sassy, Cab... aw, go on now, pick yer own.



Thanks for even more amazing funk!


In the **BEST MUSIC DOWNLOAD(s) of the YEAR** category these slabs of molten mp3s will be impossible to beat...and it's not even February yet

Thanks for your hard work and dedication to the Funk

james dawes

A thousand thanks, a great set. Had fun trying to remember which came from what film but there were loads that were new to me.

Quick question- Do you have the soundtrack for 'The Hit Man'? It stared Bernie Casey & Pam Grier had a cameo. The film itself was a remake of Get Carter believe it or not! The music is just as hot as Roy Budd's for the original version


Oh my god, I'm only half way through it, but this is already so f*****g hot!
Wish there were some track names on it, but hell; "Big Bad Mutha Fuka" applies to all of 'em I suppose :-)
As always, your site's got the goods :-))))))

Krazy Kay

Thanks for sharing your rare gems with us on your fat pipe. You are THE Record Brother. Diggit


thanks a MILLION! so glad i found your blog. these blaxploitation volumes are the TRUTH!



I just wanted to chime in with the love. These tracks are unbelievably good. I can't thank you enough for em.

radio tinman



big up from france for that funky crazy selection!!!
i would kill my whole family for the soundtrack so if you cand send it!!!


Thank you so much, Record Brother. These comps blow my mind and your site is a wonderful thing indeed.


thanks! better than trying to stuff all my soundtrack cds into my computer! choice cuts and samples!


funkalicious, record brother.
Da Boss Man an' me been groovin' to dis shit bigtime at da mirror factory. Makes us wanna ferget about supplying the dentists, and just paste together a disco ball!

Sweet Christmas!

I gots da burn an' share down proper now over at my crib,

feel free to pound on the door drunk and wake up my ho.



Great job so fantastic, got my strut on now!

Dré (UK)

Hey Gerb, just stumbled on your blog by accident and immediately recognised a soul from the past.

Still inspiring me after all these years!


Herr Klaus

Impressive. V e r y good. Thank you. Would't a tracklist be nice ...

Al Greer

bringin' funk to my soul and beats to my heart dude - quality!


Amazing download. Thanks thanks thanks. It would be really really amazing to have a tracklist - I hope you can find the time, as it would be very appreciated! VERY!


Sorry but the zip files seems to be corrupted !! using winrar 351 and ...nothing argh !
Can you reupload these files please ?
Thanks from France


i cannot unpack it as well...
only volume 2 works

(use winrar as well)

this is big shit, wot a pity

greets Jonas Jinx (GER)


Super dope compilation! Great stuff, any chance of a tracklisting mate? Cheers!

Erick Waldman

OH-MY-FRIKIN-GOD! This shit is so good I could cry!!! If only I could have some track names...


Whow great stuff, thanks a lot! ... Could only be beat ... by the same thing with ID3 tags, so I could know what I am listening to... :)

Benito X

For those who have trouble unzipping these archives (and others) if you are using a Mac download and manually open files (drag'n'drop won't do it): Usually the individual song files can then be dragged or expanded into a new folder.
Works for me!

Excellent stuff here
I would kill for a TRACKLIST...

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